Régis Fève
Alain Fontaine
    Chef of the restaurant Le Mesturet: Régis Fève  /  
    Owner of the restaurant Le Mesturet: Alain Fontaine
      Régis Fève
      Alain Fontaine
      Chef of the restaurant Le Mesturet: Régis Fève
      Owner of the restaurant Le Mesturet: Alain Fontaine

      Le Mesturet

       -  Bistro
      77, rue de Richelieu - Paris 2ème - Paris
      Lunch : Open 7/7
      Dinner : Open 7/7

      In the Bourse (financial area) of the 2nd district, Opéra and Palais Royal triangle, this typical Parisian bistro restaurant is animated with a joyful atmosphere. Meals are served at the large, traditional bar from breakfast at 8am to dinner at 10pm last order. The decor itself is a constant reminder of wine's preponderancy in this establishment, with bottles boastfully displayed on the walls and a cosmopolitan wine list.

      Menu extract of of the restaurant Le Mesturet

      Restaurant Le Mesturet's starters

      8,90 €
      Grilled aubergine with tomato and fresh goat's cheese from the Lethielleux dairy
      9,00 €
      St Germain (split pea) soup wirh cream and smoked bacon
      9,00 €
      Strips of Norwegian salmon marinated in cumin, Charlotte potato salad with white wine and seasoning
      9,00 €
      Boar brawn in jelly, gribiche sauce with capers, and white cabbage salad with allspice
      8,90 €
      Snails, wild mushrooms and tomatoes served on a green cabbage leaf

      Restaurant Le Mesturet's main courses

      18,50 €
      Cotriade fish and shellfish stew, bisque sauce, and leeks cooked in butter
      17,90 €
      Poached chicken thigh, with Henri IV stuffing and broth
      18,50 €
      Jugged hare with red wine and juniper berries, steamed vegetables and potatoes
      18,50 €
      Duck fricassee with orange, served with pumpkin and corn cake
      18,50 €
      Vernison cottage pie with ginger and two types of celery

      Restaurant Le Mesturet's desserts

      8,90 €
      Authentic Paris Brest pastry with praline-flavoured cream (not for small appetites)
      9,00 €
      Caramel mille-feuille, whipped cream with Bourbon vanilla
      8,90 €
      Citrus macaroon with cocoa Chantilly cream
      9,00 €
      Two flavour profiteroles, grilled almonds and hot chocolate
      8,90 €
      Pear and cinnanon upside-down tart, gingerbread ice cream

      Restaurant Le Mesturet's formules

      36.00 €
      Average price a la carte
      26,00 €
      Lunch le Petit Mesturet et le Grand Mesturet
      31,50 €
      Menu Le Grand Mesturet
      42,00 €
      Aperetif,starter,main course,dessert,red wine, white wine : from 15 to 60 persons
      38,00 €
      Starter,main course,dessert,wine : from 15 to 60 persons
      34,00 €
      Starter, main course and dessert : from 15 to 60 persons
      30,00 €
      Starter and Main course or Main course and Dessert+coffee+wine : from 15 to 80 persons
      Couleur rubis, fruité au nez comme en bouche, ample et souple aux tanins arrondis.
      The abuse of alcohol is dangerous for health, consume with moderation
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